Monday, August 31, 2009

SOLOMON visits "The Hill"

A couple of weeks ago he was the guest of honor at the Canadian Embassy but today our loveable SOLOMON made his debut on, none other than, Capitol Hill. Terry, Diana, SOLOMON, and I met with a Legislative Director from Congressman Ron Klein's (FL) office and a Senior Legislative Assistant from Congressman Ed Whitfield's (KY) office regarding a piece of legislation entitled; 'The Wounded Warrior K-9 Corps Act'. The bill would establish a grant program for nonprofit organizations that provide wounded warriors and disabled veterans with service animals. We had a very positive, pleasant conversation with the staffers, both of whom appeared quite passionate about the legislation. We can only keep our paws crossed that this bipartisan piece of legislation will pass!

We also had the opportunity to meet the Military Legislative Assistant from Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC) office; representative for Camp Lejeune. Walter B. Jones favored having a dog program in the Military Prison at Camp Lejeune, however, the Military Prison has since moved to SC. This created an opening for a dog program at Camp Lejeune and we happened to be in the right place at the right time.........we have been making contacts with a group of physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and case managers at Camp Lejeune over the past couple of months who are in favor of beginning a dog program within the Wounded Warrior Battalion. How cool would that be?

Stay tuned......more to follow regarding our potential at Wounded Warrior Battalion East-Camp Lejeune tomorrow. Look for the blog entitled "Road Trip- Camp Lejeune to UNC-Wilmington".


locomotive breath said...

Wow that's awesome Allison, I am really proud of you, this is accomplishing a lot and it's something very good! I know that this is something that will be helpful for a lot of people and animals.